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Installation model

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Fields
  3. Types of installations
  4. Permissions
  5. Installation API access


Installations refer to the setup and utilization of various devices and sensors designed to monitor, record, or manipulate environmental variables or subject responses. These installations are critical for creating controlled experimental conditions, collecting data, and delivering stimuli. Each installation type has specific applications and functions within experimental setups. Installation types share relationships, but fields are tailored to the various installation-types. The types of installations currently supported by BrainSTEM are listed further down the page. An installation is described by the fields in the next section.


Typethe type of installation (required). See options below
Experimental setupThe experimental setup the installation is installed in (required)
DescriptionDescription of the installation (max length: 500)
Date and timeDate and time the installation was performed (e.g. “2023-03-22”)
ConsumableConsumable used for the installation
Hardware deviceHardware device used to perform the installation
Coordinates systemCoordinate system (required). See options below
Type detailsThere are also a number of type specific fields. See options below

Types of installations

These are the available Type options for Installation:

  • CameraInstallation
  • InfraredCamera
  • Microphone
  • PressureSensor
  • Thermostat

A detailed list of the type-specific fields, can be found in the installation type page.

Below are the available Coordinates system options for Installation:

External X-Y-Z AbsoluteAbsolute external coordinates. This can be used to describe e.g. a cameras position in a room

A detailed list of the fields in Coordinates system, can be found in the Coordinate system page.


Installations inherit permissions through the experimental setup associated with it.

Visit the [permissions page] to learn more.

Installation API access

The API allows for programmable access to installations. Learn more about the installations’ fields and data structure on the Installation API page.