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Behavior model

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Fields
  3. Permissions
  4. Behavior API access


The behavior model is a module in datasets that is used to describe the behavior occuring in a dataset. The behavior is described by the involved subjects, the experimental setup, and a behavioral paradigm. Both the experimental setup and the behavioral paradigm are private attributes and must be defined separately. You must create both before filling in the behavior form. The private attributes belong to group(s) that must be shared with one of a dataset’s associated projects.


DatasetDataset of the behavior (required)
SubjectsSubjects taking part in the behavior (required)
Experimental setupExperimental setup of the behavior (required)
Behavioral paradigmBehavioral paradigm of the behavior (required)
DescriptionDescription of the action (max length: 500)


Behavior inherit permissions through the dataset associated with it.

Visit the [permissions page] to learn more.

Behavior API access

The API allows for programmable access to behaviors. Learn more about the behaviors’ fields and data structure on the Behavior API page.