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Subject model

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Fields
    1. Action data fields
    2. Subject state change data fields
    3. Subject log data fields
  3. Permissions
  4. Subject API access


The subject model describes your animal subject through a set of standard fields. There is flexibility built through a rich text description field, extra fields, and tags. Actions, Subject state change, and Subject logs all provides modular construction that flexibly can describe procedures and other things performed on your subject based on three modules:

  1. Actions: Surgical procedures and other actions performed on the environment (e.g.: probe implantations, virus injections, and optic fiber implants)
  2. Subject state changes: Any state change performed on a subject (e.g.: perfusion of the brain, lesion, creation of brain slices)
  3. Subject logs: Repetitive logs for your subject (e.g.: including Weighing logs, Food and Water deprivation logs, and Housing logs)


NameName of the subject (required; max length: 100; must be unique)
DescriptionA rich text description of the subject
StrainAnimal strain (required)
SexSex of the animal: (Male, Female, or Unknown; required)
Genetic lineGenetic line of the subject. Could also be wild type (max length: 100)
ProjectsProjects the subject belongs to (required)
Birth dateBirth date of the animal subject (e.g. “2023-03-22”)
Death dateDeath date of the animal subject (e.g. “2023-03-25”)
Extra fieldsAllows you to add extra fields to the subject. The values can be a string or a numeric value
Name used in repositoryUse this field if you have another name of your subject (max length: 200)
TagsTags for the subject. Tags are great for organizational purpose, to quickly label a subject and can be used as a filter afterwards.

Action data fields

Please see the dedicated page describing the [Action data model].

Subject state change data fields

Please see the dedicated page describing the [Subject state change data model].

Subject log data fields

Please see the dedicated page describing the [Subject log data model].


Subjects inherit permissions from projects associated with them. Actions, Subject state changes, Subject logs and action logs all inherit permissions through the subject.

Visit the [permissions page] to learn more.

Subject API access

The API allows for programmable access to subjects. Learn more about the subjects’ fields and data structure on the Subject API page.