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BrainSTEM Documentation

A collaborative electronic lab notebook for FAIR experimental neuroscience.

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BrainSTEM (Brain STructured Experimental Metadata) is designed as an electronic notebook to capture a range of electrophysiological-, imaging-, and behavioral data . It is built on a modular, standardized data model that is extendable to capture future types of data as well. Granular permissions enables collaborations within and across labs, and one-click public sharing of datasets. It has a customizable web interface that allows for the organization of experiments and raw data. BrainSTEM also has an API, for programmable access, with toolsets being built for Matlab and Python.

BrainSTEM is in a pilot stage, so feel free to create an account and start using it, and reach out if you are interested in helping advancing and shaping it. Report bug through the issue system on this GitHub repository and use the GitHub discussion forum to suggest new features.

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Getting started

  1. Create a user account: Visit the registration page at and fill in your personal info, including name, email and password.
  2. Create or join a group: Once you are in your dashboard, click the Groups link in the left side menu. Create your own group by clicking + Add group in the top right above the list of groups. To join an existing group, find the group you would like to join from the list and click request membership. A group administer must now accept your request.
  3. Create or join a project: Go to the projects page via the Projects link in the left side menu. Create a project by clicking + Add project at the top right above the list of projects. If you join an existing group you inherit permissions to the group’s projects, and they should be visible on the projects page.

That’s it! Now you can use the web interface and API tools for your experimental data. We strongly recommend exploring some of the tutorials to help you get acquainted with BrainSTEM.

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We are looking for pilot groups

We are looking to get BrainSTEM into the hands of more researchers. If you want to support open science and you or your lab want to become pilot users please fill out this form.


Please use the GitHub issues system and GitHub Discussions for reporting bugs, enhancement requests or general questions.


BrainSTEM is funded through the Oxytocin U19 BRAIN Initiative Grant.