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Managing groups

Groups has three levels of membership: members, managers, and owners. The owners can associate the group with a laboratory, rename the group and administer managers of the group. The managers can add and remove regular members of the group. Regular members can only leave the group. Members inherit project-permissions assigned to group: including change, manager and owner project-permissions.

To manage a group, go the the groups page and click the group from the list you want to manage.


New member invitations can be created via the Add user button at the bottom of the group management page. Once an invitation has been created, you can check the status of it on the Group membership invitations page:

Managers can also remove a user from the group. To do so, go to the list of users of the group, check off any user that you want to remove and click save.


Owners of the group can also provide members with manager and owner privelidges. To do so, go to the list of members of the group click any of the Managers/Owners checkfields and click the save button.