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The API allows for programmable access to the full data model. API tools have been built for Matlab and Python and a Web API tool allows for browsing the API endpoints in a browser.

The API endpoints

The API endpoints’ URLs are defined by the portal, the app and the model:*portal*/*app*/*model*/*id*/

portal: private or public

app: stem, modules, personal_attributes, resources, taxonomies, dissemination, auth, users

model: e.g. dataset and action. Please see the data model for an overview of the models.

dataset endpoint:

action endpoint:


The private and public portals have separate authentication systems. Please see the dedicated page on Public datasets:

Query parameters

When querying an endpoints, extra parameters can be set, including field-specific filters, the sorting of the output of a query can be set, and define relationships to include in the query.


Filter entries by defining a specific value, e.g. name=”project1”:


or search for a specific string, e.g. description.icontains=hippo, where icontains, defines that the string description should contain the string “hippo”:



To alter the default sorting of the output of a query, define which field to use and which order, ascending or descending. A minus-sign will sort descending. E.g. to sort descending by the name field:


Or simply sort by the description field:


Include relationships

Relational fields will by default only include the id (UUID), but relationships can also be included when querying a model. To include the relational field behaviors or experimentdata:


Combine query parameters

Finally query parameters can be combined:


API endpoints

Below pages describes the API endpoints.

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